About us

Music Fatory is a music school founded in 2011 by two confirmed mucicians: Jérémie Grandhaye & Cyril Guiot.

With a long experience in the music field, they decided to use their knowledge by offering various activities around music, particularly learning curriculum adapted to their students. Music Factory was born.

Soon after the Music Factory team is enriched by other musicians. All young, talented and very active in the music industry. The Passion for their art and the willingness to transim their knowledge are key words for any of them.

More than a music school, Music Factory has developed a new approach based on modern learning techniques.

Our philosophy

Can I to learn to play music while having fun? Can I make some progress if I haven’t much time to practice? Is really there some more talented people then others or are we all the same?

At Internet time, hyper media coverage, hyper speed life and overbooked plannings, Music Factory tries to provide a personalized annswer to all these questions.


From our point of view the first question you should be asked by the teacher or the music school you’ve chosen is:

“Who are you exactly?”

Beyond having music lessons and playing an instrument better and better after a couple of lessons, we think that we’re all looking for personal adventures. Having music lessons is a personal adventure. That’s why we think it’s is very important to build a real relationship between you and us.

Music Factory is more a training center than an academic music school. Our team is made of professional musicians with a lot of various experiences (tour, stage, studio,…) and trained to use the most modern approaches but not necesarilly graduated from a classical school. Our feeling is that you will learn a way much more with a real live musician than an graduated but not active one.

We listen a lot of kids or adults complaining about some very bad past experiences in music leaning process due to a too strict program or lack of interest from teachers. Music is a live art and should not be considered differently.

That’s why we consider that your musical adventure should be handle with care and is definitely much more than a service.

At Music Factory there is no exam, no quote, no eval. Only musicians who want to share their passion with talented people who want to learn while having fun.

If this approach rings a bell for you feel free to contact us and we would be glad to provide you with some more details.


The Music Factory Team