Formulas – Prices

Music Factory offers 3 classical formulas for

one lesson per week:

Fun Formula
208€ / Month
1 hour lesson per week
Flat rate of 52€/lesson
One 208€ bill per month
Medium Formula
180€ / Month
45 mn lesson per week
Flat rate of 45€/lesson
One 180€ bill per month
Kid Formula
112€ / Month
30 minutes lesson per week
Flat rate of 28€/lesson
One 112€ bill per month

As we know that sometimes one lesson per week is too much, Music Factory offers some other formulas for

one lesson every two weeks of group lessons:

Soft Formula
1 hour lesson every 2 weeks
Flat rate of 57€/lesson
One 114€ bill per month
Group Formula
1 hour lesson per week in a 2/3 students group
Flat rate of 40€/lesson/Student

Registration fees: 35€/Student